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Top 10 Tips for Teen Drivers

Parents if you want to keep your kiddos safe and yourselves sane, nudge them into following these tips for safe driving:

1.  Check the weather.  Just like when you check the weather before picking out an outfit for school, know the forecast before getting behind the wheel. You may decide on adjusting your time on the road or what route you travel.

2.  Ask mom or dad to check the car.  Regular inspections, besides those mandated by the state are a good idea. Tell your folks to make sure the tires, the windshield wipers, and the view mirrors are all in tip-top shape.

3.  Wear proper footwear.  Sure you may be on your way to a party or a dance, but do not drive in spiked heels, platform shoes, or stiletto boots. Your feet need to be steady on the pedals.
4.  Buckle up!  This is non-negotiable. Wear a seatbelt.

5.  No texting/emailing/tweeting/snapchatting.  You get the idea. Distracted driving deaths are on the rise. And even if you don’t get into an accident; if you get caught, and your parents find out – that will probably be a fast goodbye to driving privileges. But then you can get reintroduced to the bus – how does that sound?

6.  Don’t speed.  Maybe you have those friends that think it’s cool to speed. How cool will they feel when you are visiting them in the hospital? Sounds dramatic but speeding and/or reckless driving is a leading cause of car accidents.

7.  You don’t need to give everyone a ride.  Maybe you are the friend who got a license first. Or the friend with a car. Nevertheless, having too many people in the car can be unsafe if there are more people than there are seats; and more people equals more distractions.

8.  Do you have enough gas? Especially if you share the car with a family member you never know the exact level. Always check before you start a trip.

9.  Try not to drive at night.  To start, this is an easy way to make your parents (even more) gray. You may also be risking missing your curfew. And it is not that you are necessarily a poor driver; the issue is, later at night brings more risk of an accident due to poor lighting conditions.

10. Do not drink or do drugs and drive.  Another non-negotiable. And not even one drink. You are not a middle aged adult who may be able to handle a beer or a glass of wine with a meal. You are way too young to think you can risk ingesting alcohol, or a drug, and then drive. But remember this – you are not too young to go to jail. Got it?

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Top 10 Tips for Teen Drivers

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