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Toyota Recalls Over 200,000 Vehicles Due To Power Assist Braking Failure

The Toyota Camry is one of the most popular cars in the United States, including right here in Southwest Florida. Toyota has recently issued a safety recall of more than 200,000 vehicles across the United States due to a failure of their power brake assist systems. So far, the recall encompasses certain models of Camry from the years 2018 and 2019, but this recall could be expanded as time goes on. Announcing the safety recall in late November, Toyota expects to have official notifications mailed to owners of the affected vehicles at the start of the New Year.

The issue with the power brake assist systems stems from components in the system beginning to wear prematurely. So, motorists with the affected Camrys may feel as though their vehicles are in good, working, and even like-new condition, while parts are breaking down without warning on the inside. The vacuum pump in the braking system is of particular note in the premature failing of the power assist system, but other components may be affected as well.

What Happens If Power Brake Assist Systems Fail?

It’s important to note that if power brake assist systems fail in a Toyota Camry, that does not necessarily mean the motorist will be unable to brake. The brakes will still function to slow the vehicle down, but at a much weaker or slower capacity than what the driver is used to.

Power brake assist systems use the power of the engine or the battery in a vehicle to increase the braking power. This allows the vehicle to brake more quickly and with less force on the brake pedal. Motorists driving the affected Camry vehicles may be used to stopping at a certain rate and with a certain amount of pressure thanks to the power brake assist system, which would cause them to be caught off-guard if the system fails to function properly.

The power brake assist system failures could lead Camry drivers to bump into vehicles in front of them, take turns too quickly, or fail to stop in time for a pedestrian or debris in the road. They may apply a certain amount of pressure to the brake, or brake at a certain time, that they’ve grown used to as they’ve driven the vehicle. Failure of the power assist system would be an unwanted and dangerous surprise.

How To Have The Issue Fixed

Toyota plans to begin rolling out formal recall notifications starting in early January 2022. These recall notifications will be sent to all Southwest Florida owners of the affected Camry models, but those with concerns don’t have to wait until January. Camry owners of the impacted vehicles may call their local Southwest Florida Toyota dealerships to set up an appointment for an inspection and repair. Once the vehicle is inspected, any parts found to be breaking down within the brake system will be replaced to ensure continued safety and function.

What To Do If You’ve Been In An Accident

If you have been in an accident thanks to a faulty braking system in your Toyota Camry, you may be entitled to compensation. Reaching out to a skilled and knowledgeable Florida personal injury attorney can help you to see where you stand in your accident case, and let you know what steps you should take next. To learn more about accidents caused by faulty vehicles, or to seek representation for your auto accident case, contact us at today.

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Toyota Recalls Over 200,000 Vehicles Due To Power Assist Braking Failure

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