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Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms To Look Out For In Children

Traumatic brain injuries are devastating and even more so when they occur in children. Young children may not always be able to verbalize their symptoms or how they’re feeling in a clear and easy-to-understand way, which is why it’s important for parents to know what to look for if their child has been in any sort of accident. In southwest Florida slip and fall accidents, accidents at the playground, or auto accidents are leading causes of traumatic brain injuries in children, and these can occur at any time. Without proper prompt medical intervention, a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury may impact children for the rest of their lives.

One common misconception about traumatic brain injuries is that they need to be “dramatic” to be serious. If a child falls but doesn’t lose consciousness, if they’re in a car accident but haven’t hit their head directly, this doesn’t mean they’re not suffering from a traumatic brain injury. It’s always important for parents to seek immediate medical attention when their child may have suffered a traumatic brain injury of any kind, and to keep check on their children for any signs or symptoms that their brain injury may have been more severe than initially thought.

Some symptoms that parents can look out for to track the progress of their child’s traumatic brain injury are:

• Changes in nursing or eating – Traumatic brain injuries can cause change in taste or smell or waves of recurring nausea. While children may be picky eaters before the accident, parents should take note if their eating habits change from their normal in the coming days, weeks, or months. Children who may dislike favorite foods before or claim they’re not hungry over and over again may be dealing with a more severe injury than initially anticipated.

• Persistent crankiness – Traumatic brain injuries can lead to moodiness or mood swings, and in children, this may present as persistent crying or crankiness that can’t seem to be consoled. If this fussiness lasts for longer than normal, it may be time to bring these mood changes up to their medical professionals.

• Loss of previous skills – If your child was potty trained before an accident, but has started to experience accidents more regularly after an accident has occurred, their traumatic brain injury is something that should be considered. The child may require therapies to regain their once mastered skills as they recover from their injury.

• Changes in school performance – In some instances a child may excel in school before, experience an accident, and suddenly experience academic challenges they may have never faced before. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to difficulties with memory and concentration and medical intervention should be sought promptly to ensure these problems can be worked on going forward.

• Unsteady movement – For little ones who may have been walking or running confidently before, a traumatic brain injury accident can throw them off of their balance. A common symptom that may come and go after a traumatic brain injury is dizziness, which can make it seem as though the child has suddenly adopted an unsteady gait. Parents should closely monitor how their child walks after a brain injury to determine if a loss of balance is present.

Taking Care Of Your Child After A Traumatic Brain Injury

After an accident that causes a traumatic brain injury parents will be stressed, scared, and left wondering what they can do to help their child get better. The help of a personal injury attorney to handle your accident case can make getting the compensation you deserve much easier.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms To Look Out For In Children

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