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Two Tons Of Hot Dogs Recalled

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that nearly 210,000 pounds of hot dogs are being recalled due to contamination. The recall comes just as the summer cookout season is beginning when hot dog sales are the highest. With such a large scale, there is serious concern for injury and product liability issues. Here is everything you need to know about this latest recall.

The Details Of The Recall

The recall impacts products manufactured by Cincinnati-based meat producers John Morrell & Co. Two brands of ready-to-eat beef hot dogs are impacted. The first is a 4oz, sealed packages of Nathan’s 8 Skinless Beef Franks with a use-by date of August 19, 2017. The second is 16 ounce, sealed packages of Curtis Beef Master Franks with a use-by date of June 15, 2017. You can also check the packing for a stamp reading “EST. 296.” These hot dogs have been recalled after consumers filed complaints that there are metal flakes between the hot dogs and their packaging. To date, there are no reports of injury or illness related to the products. However, the metal flakes present a serious risk to oral and digestive health.

What To Do If You’ve Purchased The Recalled Hot Dogs

If you have purchased either of the impacted hot dogs, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends you either throw them out immediately or return them to the store you purchased them from for a full refund. If you decide to throw out the hot dogs, you can contact John Morrell & Co on their website or call 1-877-933-4625 with the package information and you will receive a full refund by mail. The USDA is also working with John Morrell & Co. and its suppliers to ensure the impacted products are pulled from the shelves.

Food Contamination And Product Liability

When a food presents a risk to the health of a consumer, it is recalled and the manufacturer or distributor is legally responsible for any injury or illness. However, not all food recalls are the same. Currently, there are three legal classes of recall:

  • Class I: A strong likelihood that eating the food product will cause serious health issues or death.
  • Class II: A possibility that a food can cause an illness or injury that is temporary or not serious.
  • Class III: The food does not necessarily cause illness or injury but the contents were mislabeled.

The John Morrell & Co. hot dog recall is a Class II recall and depending on the extent of the impact, may lead to product liability litigation. If someone was injured from these recalled hot dogs, John Morrell & Co. may have to pay compensation for a range of damages including medical bills, loss of income, or in severe cases, wrongful death.

What To Do If You Need To File A Product Liability Case

Illnesses and injuries from food contamination are often difficult cases to pursue. Often people get sick but do not recognize the culprit is a specific contaminated food item. This is especially difficult after the fact. However, in the case of a Class II recall like the John Morrell & Co. hot dog recall it is much easier to prove a product liability case because the risk has been clearly identified. Even then, you have to still prove the illness and injury were directly linked to the consumption of the food product.

So if a food product has made you sick, regardless of whether the product has been recalled or not, your best bet is to hire a personal injury attorney. Our attorneys at , Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, & Walsh have over a 100 years of collective experience defending people just like you in product liability cases. So if you have been impacted by the John Morrell & Co. hot dog recall or any other contaminated food product, contact today to see how we can help!

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Two Tons Of Hot Dogs Recalled

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