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Understanding the Attorney-Client Relationship

You’ve been injured in an accident and need to hire an attorney. However, if you’ve never had to hire an attorney before, you may not understand what to expect and what they will expect from you. The attorney-client relationship is incredibly important to helping you establish liability, file a claim, and receive fair compensation for your injuries. If you’ve never worked with an attorney before, here is what you can expect.

Hire The Right Attorney

Before we go into the details of the attorney-client relationship, it’s really important that you know what to look for when hiring a personal injury attorney. First, you need to make sure that the attorney is licensed in the state of Florida and can legally practice law here. Secondly, you want someone with a good reputation for being ethical. There are many “ambulance chasers” who are more interested in making a quick buck than helping you get compensated for your injury. So make sure to take the time to do a little research into their practice history to make sure they have a good reputation. Finally, you need someone competent. This can be hard to determine if you don’t know a lot about personal injury law, but you can ask any attorney about their qualifications and if they’ve ever worked on a similar case.

What To Expect From Your Attorney

Once you’ve found a qualified personal injury attorney, there are some things you can expect. If your lawyer fails to do any of these things, you need to communicate with them to find out why or start looking for other representation. A good attorney will always do the following:

  • Be available for communication and answer any questions you have to your satisfaction.
  • Keep you informed on what is happening at every step of your claim and if there are any setbacks or delays
  • Give you knowledgeable legal advice in a way you can understand so you can make informed decisions about your case
  • Offer options for how to proceed with your claim
  • Allow you to have the final word and make any important decisions for your case
  • Clearly communicates any fees or costs associated with their service
  • Prepare your case, negotiate your settlement, and file any motions

What Your Attorney Will Expect From You

As with any relationship, you will also have responsibilities to your attorney. These responsibilities include:

  • Sticking to the agreement you both sign
  • Communicating any concerns, worries, or misunderstandings
  • Honesty about the circumstances, your injuries, and your claims
  • Responding to requests within a fair time frame
  • Providing them with any evidence or documents they need to support your claim
  • Informing them of any new developments or evidence that apply to your case
  • Paying your bills on time

The Give And Take

Any qualified attorney understands that the attorney-client relationship requires a give and take. They will communicate openly and routinely with their clients to make sure that you understand what you need to do to move forward with your claim. This relationship only works if you also communicate with them. Don’t think of an attorney-client relationship as a hierarchy, think of it as a partnership. An attorney will use their expertise to advocate for you and you will provide them the information needed to help build their case.

At , Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, and Walsh, our lawyers have all the qualifications to handle your personal injury claim. We work directly with all our clients so they feel confident and informed through the whole process. So if you’ve been in an accident and need help with your claim, give us a call for a consultation to find out how we will work with you to get you the compensation you deserve.

Michael J. Babboni's wide-ranging legal career is based on the strong belief that everyone should be treated fairly and have access to effective legal help. Michael began putting his beliefs in action by helping the people of St. Petersburg Florida get what they are owed in civil trials fighting to protect families by making corporations pay, and honor their obligations.

Understanding the Attorney-Client Relationship

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