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Useful Data About Slip And Falls

While many of us live comfortable, care-free lives, it is important to remember that dangers can be lurking just about anywhere. People seem to slip and fall daily, but on many occasions, the event does not leave the individual with severe injuries. Instead, the person gets up, dusts themselves off, and attempts to avoid retaking a tumble. Of course, some folks are not quite as lucky, and they obtain damages. Research by the Center for Disease Control found that in 2014, 29-million falls occurred in older Americans, which resulted in 7-million injuries.

Older generations are not the only ones at risk though. People of all ages can sustain wounds from slip-and-fall accidents such as…

• Memory And Cognitive Impairment
• Compressed Or Slipped Spinal Discs
• Broken Hips, Arms, Legs Or Other Bones
• Fractures, Cuts, And Contusions

Florida Is A Premises Liability State

Premises liability is a legal concept that usually pertains to personal injury cases. In layman’s terms, it means that property and business owners, schools, organizations, and other places are responsible for damages that a person receives while on the land. In most instances, tenants are also required to keep real estate hazard-free. Additionally, occupants, managers, and landlords must also notify patrons or visitors of any potential threats.

It is not always necessary to hire a lawyer to obtain compensation for the injuries. However, sometimes, only writing a letter to the owner or their liability carrier is not enough to get them to settle. For one, people can become very uncooperative when they are involved in a legal battle. Evidence may be difficult to see in images or videos, and actually setting foot on their land is nearly impossible. Putting a proven firm in your corner allows them to employ the services of a professional expert to investigate the location. Afterward, the attorney may file a formal discovery request for architectural plans, repair records, or maintenance schedules.

Premises Liability Covers More Than Just Slip And Falls

A person can choose to file a premises liability lawsuit for a variety of different reasons, and they do not all revolve around falling to the ground. For instance, if a visitor has an accident while swimming in a pool or even drowns, the property owner is usually held responsible. A dog bite is another reason why an individual might sue. Other common causes include but are not limited to…

• Broken City Sidewalks
• Falling Roof Tiles
• Being Exposed To Toxic Chemicals
• Unsecured Firearms
• Unsafe Store Conditions
• Faulty Wiring

People expect to be safe and sound while visiting friends, neighbors, or local establishments. Take some time to inspect the property and make repairs as necessary. With any luck, these actions will prevent you from becoming entangled in a time-consuming, complicated lawsuit.

Let A Reputable Attorney Fight For You

Our lawyers at , Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez & Walsh have the experience, ability, know-how, and means to take cases the distance. In fact, they have a combined 100-years of experience, so clients gain the peace of mind in knowing that their claims are in good hands. Don’t fret if a premises liability case fails to meet your needs because the firm can represent you for auto, truck, motorcycle, and many other accidents. The organization only gets paid if you win, and they provide an initial free case review. So, give one of the professional, friendly team members a call today to explore your legal options.

Michael J. Babboni's wide-ranging legal career is based on the strong belief that everyone should be treated fairly and have access to effective legal help. Michael began putting his beliefs in action by helping the people of St. Petersburg Florida get what they are owed in civil trials fighting to protect families by making corporations pay, and honor their obligations.

Useful Data About Slip And Falls

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