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Warning For Bradenton Auto Accident Victims: Watch Out For These TBI Symptoms

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a life-threatening illness. In Manatee County, over 100 people lose their lives to TBI every year. According to the CDC, auto accidents are the second leading cause of TBIs only after falls. Unfortunately, one of the reasons TBIs can be so deadly is that they often have delayed symptoms. People can experience trauma to their heads and feel fine outside of a bit of a headache. Then days, weeks, and even months later, symptoms can start appearing.

Why The Early Diagnosis Of TBI Matters

As with any injury, the earlier the diagnosis the better. Early diagnosis can catch injuries before they become life-threatening. An early diagnosis also offers a broader range and more effective treatment options. TBI is an injury that worsens over time. An early diagnosis can also help save you a lot of pain. That is why, no matter how you feel after an auto accident, you need to always see a physician. This is especially true if you incurred trauma to your head.

From a legal perspective, an early diagnosis is also very important. If you get diagnosed with a TBI immediately following a car accident, it is easy to connect the injury to the accident. Showing that the accident caused your injury will make it easy to fight for fair compensation. Further, if your diagnosis does not come until after the accident, insurance companies can use that to get out of paying. They will argue that your TBI came after the accident. Even if they do acknowledge the connection, they can argue the injury is not that severe. Otherwise, you would have sought treatment sooner. This can cost you a lot.

Delayed Symptoms To Watch For Following An Accident

Even after you’ve seen a physician, it’s important to monitor for symptoms of a TBI. Without extensive and very expensive diagnostic screening, certain types of TBI can be missed. If you aren’t exhibiting symptoms, the physicians may decide these often painful and invasive screenings are excessive until you do show symptoms. Thus, it is very important to monitor your symptoms following an accident and stay in close contact with your physician. Update your doctor if anything with your health changes, even if it seems minor.

Here are some of the delayed symptoms of mild TBIs:

● Headaches
● Sensitivity to light
● Depression, anxiety, or sudden mood changes
● Fatigue and sleepiness
● Insomnia
● Brain fog and memory issues
● Dizziness
● Loss of balance
● Changes in taste and smell

Here are some of the delayed symptoms of more severe TBI:

● Numbness or tingling in your limbs
● Difficulty speaking
● Extreme mood swings
● Amnesia or total memory loss
● The inability to think
● Paralysis
● Fluid coming out of ears or nose
● Seizures
● Coma

You can learn more about what symptoms to monitor from the Mayo Clinic and by speaking to your physician.

TBI Following An Auto Accident

TBIs are very severe injuries that can impact both your cognitive and physical capabilities. In some cases, these injuries are so severe they make it so you can no longer live your normal life. You cannot work or enjoy your hobbies, and your future has become unclear. TBI also requires a lot of medical care. This can get very expensive, especially with complex diagnostic testing, treatments, and therapy. In many cases, TBI is financially devastating. However, you do have rights.

If you have a TBI as the result of a Bradenton accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Contact the knowledgeable TBI attorneys at Justice Pays. We offer a free case review to help you understand your legal options following an accident.

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Warning For Bradenton Auto Accident Victims: Watch Out For These TBI Symptoms

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