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Watch Out For Distracted Driving During The Holidays

Late November is a time when a lot of cars drive on Floridian roads. Not only are families going back and forth for Thanksgiving and holiday plans, but snowbirds are coming down from the colder states to wait out the winter. More cars mean more stress and more potential accidents, and one of the main causes of accidents is distracted driving in all its forms. So when you find yourself out on the road with a lot of company to spare, make sure you limit your own distractions and keep track of what other drivers are doing.

Put The Phone Down

Mobile phones and driving mix so poorly it’s famous, and yet it’s also something people keep doing. The trouble starts from the fact that just talking to a person in the passenger seat is somewhat distracting, and using a cellphone means balancing it against your ear and adding a different kind of distraction. As for texting while driving, that makes even less sense than trying to read a novel when you’re behind the wheel. Hands-free phone systems help, but you should still use them sparingly, especially in heavy traffic.

Don’t Micromanage The Kids

When you’re on a long family trip, kids in the backseat can make a lot of noise and be a major distraction. Two or more will fight and argue, but even just one can end up making a lot of noise or otherwise try to get your attention.

It helps to have another parent (or really any adult) in the passenger seat to wrangle them, and you should have enough distractions to keep them occupied for the whole trip. But even if the kids start fighting, remember to pay attention to the road and come to a complete stop before you turn around to deal with them.

Keep Your Distance

Tailgating won’t get you to your destination faster, but it does make an accident more likely. The reason you give the car in front of you some space is so you can use that space to react and brake in case of a collision or because they slowed down suddenly. Without it, you could end up becoming part of the pile.

Drive Defensively

You aren’t the only driver on the road who might be distracted. Others can lose track of their surroundings, too, and defensive driving is all about keeping that fact in mind. You shouldn’t trust a turn signal until you’re sure the car is slowing down, you can’t trust that a driver in front of you knows you’re there, especially if you’re in their blind spot, and remember to keep an eye out for pedestrians when you’re on a residential road.

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Watch Out For Distracted Driving During The Holidays

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