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What Are The Most Significant Injuries You May Be At Risk For After A Slip And Fall?

There are many injuries that could be caused by a slip and fall accident. Many of these will be apparent at the accident site. Some of them may take a longer period of time to be felt.

In some cases, however, injuries that are actually sustained as the result of a slip and fall may not be obvious to you — or even to your doctor — for a fairly substantial period of time.

This is especially true in the event of a brain injury. Although brain injuries are very serious, they are frequently asymptomatic for a short period after the initial injury.

What are the most important injuries that you may be at risk for after a slip and fall? Bring up your concerns with your doctor to ensure that a thorough diagnosis takes place after the event.

Here are some things to look out for:

1) Back Injuries

If you fall on your back, then your elbows will generally “shoot out” to protect your head while you fall backwards. However, even a relatively minor impact on your back can jostle spinal vertebrae out of alignment. This can lead to pain not only in your back, but also all throughout your limbs if nerve damage is caused. Plus, it can significantly limit your range of motion.

2) Skull And Brain Injuries

When falling backwards, the risk of a short, sharp impact to the back of the head is significant, even if you succeed in “catching” yourself with the backs of your arms or your elbows. This quick “jab” might be light and may not feel like much. However, any dizziness, disorientation, or pain in the head can be signs of a waking concussion that may have severe consequences.

3) Dental Emergencies

Falling forward increases your risk of dental emergencies very severely. If you find your teeth knocked out or knocked loose as a result of traumatic impact, it is important to get the help of a dentist as soon as you can. If you are able to be seen within an hour, it is often possible to save teeth that have been knocked out if there is minimal underlying bone and gum damage.

Naturally, each accident is different. It is not possible to estimate the full extent of your injuries on the basis of any “average.” A full recovery may be possible in some cases, but can take time.

No Matter The Injury, Be Sure That You Are Aggressively Defending Your Legal Rights

Injuries that you sustain following a slip and fall may not always be obvious. You should get an opinion from a physician within a day or two of the incident whenever possible.

Likewise, injuries that may seem minor — that you “walk away from” during the event itself — can turn out to be unexpectedly severe. This is especially true for older Americans.

The most dangerous thing is to take a “wait and see” approach to injury before contacting a lawyer. Odds are good that if your accident took place at a business, that company is already taking action to prevent you from getting the legal results to which you may be entitled.

It’s understandable that accident victims don’t always wish to “rush to judgment” on a case. To make the right decision for themselves, however, they should get a lawyer’s perspective on it.

Here at Get Me Justice, we make it easy for you to access and understand a legal perspective on your case. All you have to do is give us a call — there’s absolutely no obligation involved.

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What Are The Most Significant Injuries You May Be At Risk For After A Slip And Fall?

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