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What Should I Do After A Slip And Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents are stressful, and they’re never planned. If you’ve been in a slip and fall accident in southwest Florida, there are a number of steps you should take immediately following the accident that you may not be aware of, or thinking of, during the emotionally heightened experience of suffering an injury. Your personal injury attorney in southwest Florida is on your side to make sure you’ve set yourself up for a fair and just settlement, but it doesn’t hurt to know the preparations yourself and just what to do should you ever find yourself in a slip and fall situation.

Taking The Right Steps

Your slip and fall injury experience will be determined by the steps you take after your accident. What you should do after a slip and fall accident includes:

• Seek medical attention – The very first step you should take after a slip and fall accident is seek medical attention. In some instances, this is an easy step, as you have a clear injury that you want to be addressed and remedied straight away, but this isn’t universally the case. In some cases, the adrenaline you experience after a slip and fall can mask injuries, making you feel fine in the moment only to have the pain settle in later on. Waiting to seek medical attention can be detrimental to your personal injury case, as you can no longer prove that the injuries you’ve experienced are due to the slip and fall and not another situation which occurred during the lapse between your accident and your visit to a doctor.

• Pin down the cause – A slip and fall accident tends to sneak up on you, and you may not realize what has caused the accident until after the fact. For instance, if you’re walking in a grocery store and suddenly fall in the aisle, you may not realize the spilled water on the floor until you’re lying there next to it. Pinning down the cause of your accident lets you know just what made the accident occur in the first place.

• Take pictures of the scene – After pinning down the cause of your accident, it’s important to take photos of the scene and the circumstances surrounding your fall. These photos will serve as evidence of negligence on behalf of the property owner, and proof of a hazard before it can be cleaned up or cleared away. In addition to the cause of your accident, taking photos of your injuries immediately after they’ve happened is also recommended.

• Make an accident report – Making a report of your accident immediately, or as close to immediately as possible, after it has occurred shows that your accident is being taken seriously by you. If you’ve had a slip and fall in a public place like a shopping center or grocery store, creating an accident report will often be required by the business. If your slip and fall was on private property or outside of a business, one may wish to make an accident report through the local police.

• Contact a personal injury attorney – Having a southwest Florida personal injury attorney by your side is one of the best things you can do for your personal injury case. Your attorney will ensure you have collected all the necessary evidence, work through calculating your settlement with you, and represent you against an insurance company or negligent property owner. In slip and fall accidents, the overwhelming majority of successful settlement cases are those represented by a skilled and experienced Florida personal injury attorney.

Daniel Murphy's passionate belief in upholding the Florida justice system by defending the rights of the public against corporate interests, has lead him to become one of Florida's most effective young attorneys. Daniel Murphy carries his enthusiasm for fighting for the rights of the injured outside the courtroom by staying involved in legal and community organizations.

What Should I Do After A Slip And Fall Accident?

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