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What Should You Do After Getting in a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycling may seem all fun and exciting, until you get in an accident involving a motorbike. Motorcycle accidents run a wide spectrum. Those involved may suffer little to no injuries. However, some motorists and pedestrians may not be as fortunate as others, as motorcycle accidents can also cause serious injuries, with more severe accidents even leading to death.

As wide as the range of motorcycle accident injuries can be, there’s also no one-size-fits-all solution to handling a motorcycle accident compensation case. After all, no two accidents are exactly alike. However, there are general steps that you should take when you find yourself caught in a motorcycle accident.

Call 911 or the Police

It’s important that the authorities arrive at the scene of the accident as much as possible. The police will be able to take photos, sketches, and diagrams of the scene. They can also interview drivers and witnesses, as well as take statements of involved parties. The assistance of the fire rescue may also be required in some situations.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Whether or not you’re feeling pain or other symptoms, do not hesitate or resist against the authorities’ recommendation to go to the nearest ER. Another reason why you should call 911 is that the dispatcher will likely send a medical care team that can apply first aid and provide an initial diagnosis of injuries sustained by those involved.

Take Photographs and Other Important Information

Even though the authorities or police may already do it, it will help to have your own photographic evidence. Take photos of the motorcycle and other vehicles involved, if any. The photos should show the damage inflicted on all vehicles affected by the accident. The road should also be photographed, including landmarks and road signs. You should also take photos of skid marks relative to the road and surroundings. When taking photos, take them from the different viewpoints of the drivers involved.

Furthermore, you should get the name and contact information of any witnesses. You might need to contact them ar a later time.

Take Photographs of the Injuries and Damage to Property

It will also help to photograph your injuries as well as damage to nearby private or public property. Not only will this prove that injuries and damage have been inflicted, but it will also give investigators an idea of what may have happened. The injuries and damage can help determine how strong the impact or collision was.

Do Not Talk to Insurance Companies

Insurance companies and their adjusters will do everything they can to reduce the compensation and fees that they will pay off to victims of an accident caused by their client. The insurance company’s adjuster or representative may try to talk to you and settle the matter out of court. While it is your right to agree to a settlement, you shouldn’t agree to one without the presence of a reliable lawyer.

Work With a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you want to ensure that you’re taking the right steps toward getting the compensation you rightfully deserve, you have to work with an experienced and trusted injury lawyer. They will work with you to ensure that you will not be ripped off by an insurance company.

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What Should You Do After Getting in a Motorcycle Accident?

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