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What To Do And What Not To Do While Waiting For Your Personal Injury Settlement

After an accident occurs the injured party is often in need of money and in need of it now. Whether a slip and fall accident or an auto accident in Florida, injured individuals find themselves out of work and racking up medical bills with each passing appointment to address their injuries. Unfortunately, most settlements aren’t immediate, and this rings particularly true when you’re dealing with the back and forth that occurs with insurance companies. Your settlement could take weeks to months to be reached, and even longer still to reach your bank account, so what can you do in the meantime?

It’s important to know what you should do and what you shouldn’t do to ensure you get your settlement and you get it as quickly as possible. A few things that you shouldn’t do include:

• Stay off social media – Social media use is part of our everyday lives, and this is evidenced by the billions of individuals of all ages who sign into their social media accounts every day. While social media might seem like a great way to blow off some steam while you’re recuperating, it’s important to limit your social media to an absolute minimum if you choose to sign in at all. Anything you post on social media, even if your profiles are “private”, may be found and used against you to lessen or throw out your settlement completely. Posting photos of a day trip? Updating your location to the latest hotspot restaurant? Insurance companies can use this information to “prove” that your injuries aren’t severe or that they’re nonexistent.

• Don’t talk about your case – Your case might be a point of frustration for you and your family, and when things are frustrating venting about them to others might provide some relief. However, when you’re facing a personal injury case the only conversations you should be having about your accident should be with your Florida personal injury attorneys. This works to ensure your case is safe and that you’re not jeopardizing your settlement by saying the wrong thing to the wrong individual. If the opposing insurance provider asks you any questions or attempts to reach out, make sure all communication is directed to your Florida personal injury attorney.

• Skip appointments – Skipping appointments can send a conflicting message. By skipping or rescheduling appointments, you could be telling the opposing insurance provider that your medical care isn’t a top priority, and if it isn’t a top priority then you must not be very injured. Make sure to attend all appointments and to attend these appointments in a timely fashion.

With all of the things you shouldn’t do while waiting for your settlement, there’s also a number of things that you should do. What you can do to assist your case is:

Continue all treatments – Whether it’s physical therapy appointments, checkups, or continued diagnostic testing, continuing all treatments and keeping a record of those treatments is important to your case. It allows your legal team to keep track of your injuries and your recovery from them.

• Note all changes in condition and pain levels – If your pain levels change, or your condition begins to change, make a note and keep track of your Florida personal injury attorney and doctors. These changes can be for the better or worse, but they’re important to your overall case.

• Document all relevant communications – If the insurance provider tries to reach out to you, if your physician calls, if you discuss your continued treatment with a physical therapist, make sure to document all communications the best you can. Date these conversations and include as many details as possible to provide useful evidence in your case.

If you have been involved in an auto accident in the Sarasota / Bradenton area on Florida’s west coast, contact the personal injury attorneys who have won more than $500 million dollars for their clients, and get your free case review today.

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What To Do And What Not To Do While Waiting For Your Personal Injury Settlement

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