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What To Do If Your Insurance Claim Is Denied After A Motor Vehicle Accident

We invest in vehicle insurance not just because it’s the law, but to have protection in place should we find ourselves in an accident. In an ideal world, we’ll never need to use it, but the world we live in is unfortunately not a perfect one. The moments and days following an accident are stressful ones, and they become even more stressful when you come to find out that your insurance provider has denied your claim.

You’ve paid all of your monthly premiums, you’ve read your policy carefully, so why is the insurance company denying you the coverage you pay for? The bottom line is this – insurance companies are businesses first, and the way they pad their bottom line is by collecting premiums. By denying your claim, they’re trying their hardest to keep those premiums you’ve paid into as profit, because each dollar they award you in a claim is a dollar that is taken away from them.

Common Reasons Your Claim May Be Denied

There are a few common reasons your insurance company may use to deny your claim. They could say you’ve exhausted the limits of your policy, they might say that you’re out of your policy coverage, or they may say that you’ve violated the law in your accident case. In some instances, these reasons for denial can be easily disproven, and insurance adjusters are hoping you won’t know that important fact. By having an auto accident attorney on your side, you’ll know just what you can do to prove there is no reason for your claim to be denied.

What You Can Do

There are a few steps that motorists can take to ensure they give themselves their best chance at a successful claim. These steps you can take are:

• Report immediately – Delaying your accident reporting could be fuel the insurance company uses to say that your claim is unnecessary. Make sure to report the accident immediately, and follow your report with photos of your accident just as quickly. For many insurers in today’s modern age, filing claims and sending over photo evidence can be done via an app that makes reporting more convenient than ever before.

• Seek medical attention – Always seek medical attention after an accident, even if you believe you weren’t injured or your injuries are too minor to warrant treatment. After an accident, your adrenaline is like to be pumping heavily throughout your body, making injuries less noticeable than when symptoms really pop up a couple of days later. By this time, it may be too late, and your delay could give your insurance provider reason to deny your injury claim. Immediately following an accident, get evaluated by a medical professional and save all documentation.

• File a police report – Your police report can serve as excellent backup in proving your accident and its severity to insurance adjusters. The police report will be written by a trusted and unbiased official detailing all of the facts surrounding your accident.

What Your Attorney Will Do For You

Your vehicle accident attorney can help you each step of the way to ensure your insurance provider grants you the coverage you deserve. Carrying out negotiations, providing proof of your claims, and fighting for you in court if necessary, a vehicle accident attorney in Florida will know just what to do regardless of how your case may go.

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What To Do If Your Insurance Claim Is Denied After A Motor Vehicle Accident

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