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What Will My Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

It’s well known that a personal injury lawyer is necessary if you wish to have the best chance to win your Florida personal injury case, but what exactly will my personal injury lawyer do throughout my case? Whether your case goes to court, or you settle out of court, your personal injury lawyer will be with you every step of the way to keep you informed and professionally represented.

The First Steps

The first steps of your personal injury case will include your initial interview or consultation, your personal injury attorney educating and informing you about the personal injury process in Florida, and gathering all of your evidence and records to support your case. In these first steps, your personal injury attorney will make the entire process of a personal injury case a lot less intimidating to you, as you learn everything involved with the lawsuit process. As your attorney goes through your evidence and records, they will also be able to determine and inform you if you have a viable Florida personal injury case or not, so you know just where you stand as it pertains to Florida law.

Once you’ve decided to pursue your lawsuit with the help of your personal injury attorney, the next steps will begin. These steps include analyzing your automobile insurance policy if your personal injury was the result of a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, or the property’s insurance policy if your injury was the result of a slip and fall. Analyzing these policies will allow you to know what you may be able to have covered by insurance, and what damages still remain and may be the responsibility of a negligent party. During this time, comparative negligence and assumption of risk will also be assessed, to determine just how at-fault another party’s negligence may have been in the accident, and how that will affect the damages being sought.

What Happens Next

Once you’ve met with your Florida personal injury attorney, and your evidence has been shown, insurance policies analyzed, damages have been determined, and a case is beginning to be mapped out, the real meat of the case will begin. Your personal injury attorney will collect your medical documents and any documents related to the incident, as well as an interview any experts that may be able to use their expertise to back up your lawsuit claim. This information will go with you and your personal injury attorney into the negotiations process, where you and your personal injury attorney will negotiate with the other party to settle on a settlement amount.

Most Florida personal injury cases settle out of court through these negotiations processes, but most isn’t all. If negotiations cannot come to a settlement out of court, the case will then go to trial, where your personal injury attorney will represent you and your case before a Florida court of law.

From the very first steps of determining if you have a case, all the way to your settlement day, your personal injury attorney will be right by your side ensuring you understand everything that is going on in your personal injury case and representing you with an expertise in Florida personal injury law. If you’ve been in an accident within the state of Florida, and you are looking to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney within the state, contact us at to learn more today.

Stephen M. Fernandez developed a strong belief in justice and fairness in public policy while earning his Political Science degree prior to attending law school. Since joining the Florida Bar Association in 2004, Stephen Fernandez has combined his background in public policy, business administration and civil law to serve as a highly effective trial lawyer fighting for Florida's injured, working hard every day to make sure his clients get what they are owed.

What Will My Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

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