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What You Need To Know About Vehicle Accidents And Traumatic Brain Injuries

More than 50% of all traumatic brain injury cases in the United States are related to a car accident. In the state of Florida, PIP insurance policies are used to cover the medical expenses of those injured in an accident, regardless of fault, up to a certain amount, but this amount is typically not enough to cover the long-term needs of those suffering from a TBI. A TBI, or traumatic brain injury, can result in a need for lifelong care, and those who have experienced a TBI as a result of another driver’s negligence in a vehicle accident should seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney to ensure they get the compensation they deserve.

How Do Traumatic Brain Injuries Occur During Car Accidents?

Traumatic brain injuries occur during car accidents typically in two ways. The first way is through force, and the brain knocking into the skull due to the force of the accident. In these cases, those in the accident may not realize they have suffered a traumatic brain injury at first, as it seems that their head was not touched at all. These types of traumatic brain injuries in car accidents are typically mild to moderate but still, require immediate medical attention.

The second way one may experience a traumatic brain injury during a car accident is through blunt force trauma. The head may impact the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, or debris, and these types of traumatic brain injuries are the more obvious of the two. A person knows that their head has been hit, and they may show physical signs of the trauma right away. While mild traumatic brain injuries may be incurred with blunt force trauma, this is typically where you will see those of the moderate to severe type.

Traumatic Brain Injuries And Compensation

Traumatic brain injuries will often exceed the PIP policy amount allowed by insurance companies. In Florida, more than 50% of drivers only carry a PIP policy of the mandatory $10,000 amount, and a single initial hospital stay after an accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury can exceed this amount without including any continued care. In moderate to severe traumatic brain injury cases, continued care may be required for the duration of a person’s life, and these are damages that can be compensated if the accident was proven to be the result of another party’s negligence.

With the assistance of a Florida personal injury attorney, those in Florida who have suffered a traumatic brain injury can be awarded damages to cover their continued need for care. Lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages exceeding their insurance policy amount may be recouped if it is proven that a negligent party contributed to the accident and resulting injuries. Your personal injury attorney will walk those who have been in an accident and their families through the lawsuit process, helping them to understand each step, and provide the best chance at improving quality of life. If you or a loved one has been in an accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury due to another driver’s negligence, contact us at today to determine if you’re entitled to compensation.

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What You Need To Know About Vehicle Accidents And Traumatic Brain Injuries

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