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What You Should Know About Serious Head Injuries & Baby Strollers

Did you know that around two children visit the emergency room every hour for injuries related to being in a stroller or infant carrier?

In fact, a study found that more than 360,000 children ages 5 or younger ended up in the ER for stroller or carrier related injuries between 1990 and 2010. That is over 17,000 injuries each year. The majority of these injuries occur as a result of children falling out of their stroller or carrier or from the product tipping over with the child inside.

As a result, there has also been a sharp increase of concussion and traumatic brain injuries in children due to stroller and carrier related accidents.

While these products are used safely by many families every day, when accidents do happen, the injuries that result from it can be quite severe in nature. A large number of stroller or carrier related injuries were concussions and traumatic brain injury. These types of injuries can have very damaging long-term consequences on a child’s cognitive development.

Numbers on the Rise

The majority of injuries, 39 percent for strollers and 48 percent for carriers, are minor soft tissue injuries including bumps and bruises. However, around 25 percent of stroller injuries and 35 percent of carrier injuries were concussions or traumatic brain injury. While not the highest number, it is dangerous high for such a severe injury towards a young child.

Additionally, the rate of concussions and traumatic brain injury has actually jumped from 19 percent in 1990 to 42 percent in 2010 for stroller related accidents. Carrier related accidents also make a jump from 18 percent in 1990 to 53 percent in 2010. Though it is believed that this is more due to a rise in concussion awareness.

Causes of Stroller/Carrier Accidents

  • 66 percent of stroller and carrier related injuries happened when a child fell out of the product
  • 30 percent of carrier related injuries happened when the product tipped over with the child inside
  • 16 percent of stroller related injuries happened when the product tipped over with the child inside
  • 9 percent of stroller related injuries happened when the child tripped over the stroller
  • 5 percent of stroller related injuries happened when the child’s arm or leg was caught in the stroller

Stroller and Carrier Safety Tips to Remember

In order to reduce your child’s risk of stroller/carrier related injuries, here are some safety tips you should follow:

  • Ensure that the child is always seated and buckled properly into the product. It is likely that your stroller or carrier will have instruction for securing the child in a safe manner.
  • Avoid hanging any heavy items on the stroller, such as purses or diaper bags, on the handles. Doing so could cause the stroller to become unbalanced and end up tipping over while your child is still inside.
  • Make sure that your child’s weight does not exceed the maximum weight limit of your stroller or carrier. The product will not be able to hold your child properly if they weight more than what the product is able to handle.
  • Keep carriers close to the ground. You should never place them in high areas, such as the top of a table or kitchen counter, which could get bumped and fall to the floor with your child inside. The higher your child is in the carrier, the worse damage a fall will cause them.
  • Do not let a child push the stroller. Your child may want to show their independence or help out, but the stroller will be too much for them to handle properly. Additionally, if another child is inside the stroller, the child pushing the stroller could really end up hurting them both.
  • Check to ensure that your brand of stroller or carrier is not on the recall list. Mistakes happen when products get manufactured and you don’t want your child using something dangerous.

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What You Should Know About Serious Head Injuries & Baby Strollers

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