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When You’re Most Likely To Get Into An Accident On Florida’s Suncoast

Driving down (or up) Florida’s Suncoast gives you some incredible views, warm ocean breezes, the sounds of seabirds, experiences in some of Florida’s most loved towns, and unfortunately sometimes auto accidents. No motorist wants to be met with an auto accident on Florida’s Suncoast, but knowing when you’re most at risk can help you to avoid an accident when possible.

It’s true that an accident can happen at any time, and motorists should always be using caution when taking to any of Florida’s roadways. However, proceeding with some additional caution during the riskiest times can add that extra layer of protection that may just save you from experiencing an accident yourself as you enjoy one of Florida’s most celebrated coastal routes.

Take Caution During “The Season”

On Florida’s Suncoast all the extra traffic of our busy winter season tends to cause more auto accidents than other times of the year and stretches from early January until tapering off in late April, as it the weather gets back up to the 90s. The season brings tourists and the infamous snowbirds from their homes up north to our region who may not be as familiar with the local roadways as they are trying to get away from the cold.  All this extra traffic brings out the impatient side from our year-round population as trips that used to take 20 minutes now can take much longer than we are used to.

So when driving in Southwest Florida From January to April, proceed with extra caution to avoid becoming a Florida Suncoast auto accident statistic. Watch out for the “snowbirds” and spring breakers who may be confused on local roads while visiting popular destinations on the Barrier Islands, and expect the increased traffic to keep you and your passengers safer as you take to local roadways.

Drive With Care On Fridays

When it comes to days of the week, it’s Fridays that cause the most commotion when it comes to accidents on Florida’s Suncoast. Later in the afternoon on a Friday, roadways get congested with individuals trying to get home early from work, families taking weekend trips to Florida Suncoast locations, and motorists who are simply trying to get a head start on whatever fun activities they may have planned for the weekend. Not only does this lead to greater congestion, but higher instances of distracted driving as well.

If you’re taking to Florida Suncoast roadways on a Friday afternoon, take care to keep a safe distance from vehicles around you and drive defensively in order to avoid any mistakes other motorists may make. A missed exit or failure to use a turn signal can become catastrophic in seconds, but there is a chance to avoid a collision if you’re making up for the attention other motorists may not be paying.

Rush Hour Traffic Is Prime Time For Auto Accidents

The single most common time one may get into an accident on Florida’s Suncoast is during rush hour. Rush hour, or the hours between 3 pm and 6 pm during any weekday, is the most congested time on any Florida roadway. As individuals try to get home from work or school, roadways become clogged and drivers distracted as they move from their work-time to their personal time. With greater traffic there is less room to keep a reasonable distance on roadways, which leaves very little cushion should any motorist make a mistake while driving.

Avoiding driving during rush hour may not be possible, but you can prepare yourself for a safer journey. Take care to keep your eyes and attention on the road, and avoid any distractions like smartphones, playing with a radio dial, or getting into animated conversations with your passengers.

Even the best drivers can’t always avoid an accident, and this is where experienced auto accident attorneys in the Florida Suncoast area come in. If you’ve been in an accident in Southwest Florida, we at are here to help today.

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When You’re Most Likely To Get Into An Accident On Florida’s Suncoast

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