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Florida Fisherman Watch Out – Rapala USA Recalls Rechargeable Fillet Knives.

Fishing is a pastime that many Floridians enjoy. It can be calming and relaxing, as well as fun and exciting. Lots of folks only practice catch and release. That means they hook and reel in fish only to release them back into the wild. Meanwhile, others keep the creatures to eat them. There is certainly nothing wrong with either choice, but we will stick to the latter for these purposes.

Before cooking the fish, people must clean and prepare them. We won’t get into all the gory details here, but this often involves filleting. That is, preparers remove the meat from the bone. The process can be tedious at times but well worth it in the end. Fishers sometimes make these slices manually with kitchen or other knives.

Meanwhile, on other occasions, they use electric or battery-powered fillet knives. The devices take some of the work out of filleting, and who doesn’t want that? Regardless of which blades people utilize, they must be careful not to cut themselves. After all, nobody wants to have to go to the hospital for stitches. Nor will they want to explain to friends how they got the cuts.

Still, if folks lose their focus, injuries are possible. When people get them, they have to chalk the situations up to life experiences. What else are they going to do? They pay their expensive ER or doctor bills, get their treatments, and try not to slice fingers or hands open again.

An Unexpected Twist

Do you own a battery-powered fillet knife? Yes, then you are going to want to pay close attention to this section. It could produce issues that are not cuts and slices, which is an unexpected twist because most of us would assume those are what knife injuries are.

Rapala USA issued a recall for about 128,000 Rapala® Rechargeable Fillet Knives on January 19, 2021.

The model number for the items in question is RRFN. They have black and gray handles with red Rapala logos printed on the sides. These units were sold at Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and other sporting goods stores nationwide. They were available online at from March 2011 to December 2018 as well.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have 12 reports of the batteries of these fillet knives overheating and catching fire. The organization has not been informed of any injuries yet. So far, the defects have only caused damage to surrounding areas. That could change, though.

Has A Defective Product Like This One Injured You?

A battery catching fire is no joking matter. If people are in the vicinity when things go down, they could sustain severe burns. You know, not the kinds you can treat at home, but rather, the ones that require skin grafting and other treatments. People can also die in the events from smoke inhalation. Both outcomes can be costly. Victims can accumulate mountains of debt, paying out of pocket for healthcare services, while surviving relatives have to deal with a deceased loved one’s final expenses.

If you get seriously hurt by a defective product, you might be entitled to fair compensation. The same can be said for families that lose people to them. Taking on a manufacturer can be easier said than done, but it doesn’t have to be. Floridians don’t have to face these situations alone. Instead, they can put our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys in their corners to fight on their behalves. Even if products were recalled, like the one mentioned above, all may not be lost. Give us a call to schedule your free case evaluation and find out what’s what.

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Florida Fisherman Watch Out – Rapala USA Recalls Rechargeable Fillet Knives.

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