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Why Should You Get A PIP Insurance In Florida?

Florida is a no-fault state, and the first and obvious reason for you to get Personal Injury Protection insurance (PIP) is that it is mandated by state law. In Florida, all vehicle owners are required to get a PIP. In fact, even young drivers who have just learned how to drive are encouraged to avail the PIP as soon as they can.

Having a PIP is extremely important so here is a better understanding of it.

What Exactly Is PIP?

The very reason why PIP is important is that it automatically covers your medical expenses and treatment for the injuries you got in a car accident. No matter who is found at fault, your PIP will make sure that you will receive medical attention immediately. This prevents drivers from having to wait long for court procedures or insurance approvals from other providers before they are treated.

With that said, the PIP is not something you can decide to opt-out of as all vehicle owners are required to have it by law. The PIP can cover not only you but also other family members who do not have a PIP yet, like children and non-vehicle owners. In some cases, it can also cover your friends. Refusing to avail of PIP insurance is considered a violation.

What Damages Can Be Covered By PIP?

The PIP first and foremost prioritizes to cover fees from hospitalization and treatment, but other damages can also fall under its coverage. Unlike other insurance plans from private providers, the PIP’s scope is limited but you will still find it very helpful.

Your PIP coverage also depends on the insurance plan you avail of as it can be upgraded. Nevertheless, here are the damages that can be covered by your PIP:

• Treatment For Injuries And Hospital Bills As the priority, expect that your PIP will make sure you get medical treatment as soon as you can after a car accident. Whether they are minor wounds or grave injuries, fees for treatment will be covered by your PIP.

However, serious medical procedures that exceed the coverage amount will have to be covered by your or your other insurance provider, or you can upgrade your PIP insurance for a wider coverage range.

• Lost Wages Depending on the situation, your PIP can cover lost wages. This means the salary you are not able to earn when you are left incapacitated by the injuries caused by the car accident. Reach out to a personal injury attorney and auto accident lawyer so they can guide you on how to claim compensation for lost wages with your PIP.

• Death Severe cases of car accidents can lead to untimely deaths. With a PIP, your family can claim death benefits of up to $5000 and can also seek assistance to cover funeral costs, such as expenses for a casket, eulogy, and other funeral rites.

Do I Need A PIP If I’m Not A Permanent Florida Resident?

If you are staying in Florida or traveling to the state for long periods of time, you will need to get a PIP. This applies whether you are regularly in the state for a job, or if you are spending months of vacation in areas like Florida’s Suncoast.

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Why Should You Get A PIP Insurance In Florida?

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