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Why You Shouldn’t Rush During The Rush Hour In SW Florida

As Southwest Florida has been growing by leaps and bounds, rush hour has been an unavoidable part of every citizen’s life – even after season. For motorists, rush hour is not just an obstacle they need to endure, but it is also one of the many times where they need to be extra careful. After all, many auto accidents happen during the rush hour so even though it is tempting, here are reasons why you should not rush during this period.

Congested Roads Offer Little Movement – Traffic on I-75 used to mainly clog up south of Clark Road, Bee Ridge Road and again near Lakewood Ranch at University Parkway, but now commuters from points south like North Port, can get routinely stuck in traffic as far south as before Jacaranda Blvd. in Venice.

Once you are in it, there is nothing much you can do when stuck in traffic. Trying to suddenly switch lanes upon seeing the slightest gap on the other side will only contribute to the congestion. The limited space and movement you have also gives you little control over your vehicle. Often, even when drivers try to step lightly on the brakes or gas, they still end up bumping against another vehicle.

Many Drivers Are Distracted – It is not questionable that many drivers would try to kill time while waiting for the traffic to move. With their cars either moving very slowly or on a full stop, they would take the opportunity to entertain themselves or do something else in the meanwhile.

Some would play mobile games, read texts, or even steal a few seconds of shut-eye if they could. Nevertheless, drivers can lower their alertness and are prone to seeking out distractions to alleviate boredom during rush hour. They wouldn’t react fast or appropriately when another vehicle decides to swerve, overtake, or cut through suddenly.

Everyone Is In A Hurry – The rush hour gained its name not just because it is the usual period where everyone’s clocking out from work or school. During this time, many people are rushing home or to whatever engagement they have after finally having their free time.

With everyone in a hurry, many drivers would make rash decisions and drive recklessly. If you join the list of vehicles that are seemingly trying to race one another on a congested highway, you might as well be courting an accident and waiting for it to happen.

Drivers Have A Shorter Fuse – Drivers have their patience quickly wearing thin during the rush hour, and the slightest mishap can cause them to explode and start fights. Road rage is a common occurrence in Florida and while it may not lead to car collisions, it can still cause harm to the people involved.

A confrontation can lead to assaults and an exchange of blows. Basically, acting rashly like suddenly switching lanes has a possibility to land you into an argument with other drivers.

You can say that the rush hour in Florida makes many drivers extra sensitive or careless. It can lead to accidents or even harmful actions between motorists. When harm comes your way, do not hesitate to contact an experienced car accident injury lawyer so you can be prepared and have the support you need during these times.

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Why You Shouldn’t Rush During The Rush Hour In SW Florida

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