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You May Be Entitled To Further Compensation Under Florida’s Crimes Compensation Act

Many of our blogs have been dedicated to providing information regarding automobile accidents and personal injury claims. However, we would like to expand a little further regarding drunk driving accidents in Florida. If you are the victim of a criminal act, you may be entitled to compensation through Florida’s Crimes Compensation Act, otherwise considered a Victim’s Compensation Fund. Victims of DUI crashes are provided certain allowances, although these allowances are often ignored unless pursued by the victim and the victim’s legal team.

What Is The Crimes Compensation Act?

Simply put, Florida’s Crimes Compensation Act is meant to provide financial compensation to eligible persons who are victims of crime. Any victim who received personal injury, or survivors of someone who was killed as the result of a felony or misdemeanor crime punishable under federal or state laws, is eligible for compensation. This includes DUI and hit and run automobile accidents. Elderly or disabled adults who suffered a property loss as the result of a crime are also eligible.

What Is The Criteria To Submit An Application?

In order to apply, the victim must have suffered a physical, psychiatric, or psychological injury or death, as a result of the crime. The crime must be reported to law enforcement within three days after it happened. The Crimes Compensation claim must be filed within one year of the crime, although exceptions are made for minor children. The victim must not have contributed to the circumstances that caused the crime, injury, or death. The victim must not have been engaged in any unlawful activity at the time of the crime. Any victim who is 60 years or older, or any disabled adult, who suffers a loss of tangible personal property as a result of a criminal or delinquent act may receive a property loss reimbursement. Victims who need immediate assistance to escape from a domestic violence environment may receive financial assistance to relocate them.

All victims and claimants will be subjected to a criminal history record check. Anyone who has been adjudicated as an habitual felony offender, habitual violent offender, violent career criminal, or anyone who has been adjudicated guilty of a forcible felony offense are not eligible to receive benefits.

Who Is Eligible To Submit An Application?

As mentioned, survivors of eligible persons are entitled to compensation, meaning that many can apply. Any adult victim who has been physically injured as the result of a crime, and parent or guardians of a minor or incompetent victim that has been injured as a result of a crime is eligible to apply. Additional applications can be submitted by the parent or guardian of a minor victim less than 16 years old who was present at the scene of a violent crime, who saw or heard the crime, and who suffered psychological injury was not physically injured. The spouse, parent, sibling, or adult child of a deceased victim and any elderly or disabled adult who lost property as the result of a crime may also apply.

What Benefits Are Available?

If your application is approved, the following benefits are available:

1) Wage Loss
2) Loss of Support (of deceased victim)
3) Disability (for permanent adjunction of disability)
4) Funeral/burial expenses
5) Treatment expenses
6) Mental health counseling
7) Property Loss Reimbursement

Take Advantage Of The Crimes Compensation Act

The Crimes Compensation Act was set up by the state to be utilized by victims of crime. If you believe you have been the victim of the crime and meet the criteria, submit an application today to ensure you receive proper compensation. It is recommended that you submit this application after talking with your attorney, who should have extensive knowledge of your case and how it may relate to the Crimes Compensation Act.

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You May Be Entitled To Further Compensation Under Florida’s Crimes Compensation Act

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