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Your Dodge RAM Pickup May Have Been Recalled

Nothing is perfect, and defective products can come up from time to time. However, there can be some critical differences in the scale and seriousness of a defective product. A phone or tablet with a dim screen, for example, is inconvenient, but otherwise doesn’t have a significant impact, especially if the defect is isolated to just a single item.

On the other hand, if a defect is inherent in some design or manufacturing flaw, that means many more products may be affected. In some cases, the fault may be severe enough to cause injury, or even death, as was the case with the exploding whipped cream dispenser that killed a fitness model in 2017.

In cases where a defect in a product present a potential, serious threat, responsible companies will issue a product recall to take possession of the product and keep it out of harm’s way to the public. Fiat Chrysler is now doing this one of their vehicles and a particular part.

A Floor Mat Problem

Fiat Chrysler is issuing the product recall for their line of 2019 and 2020 Ram pickup trucks. The issue here lies specifically with a floor mat installed in the trucks. When purchasing the truck, potential owners are given different options they can use to customize the truck to their personal preferences. One of these options is for a special All-Weather floor mat better able to handle rougher use for people stepping into the dirt, grime, and water before getting into their vehicles.

The All-Weather floor mats come with a textured “rib” feature that helps feet keep traction on the mat, as well as trap particles like dirt. However, an issue has surfaced, showing an unintended interaction between the All-Weather floor mat and the adjustable acceleration pedal.

The acceleration pedal can have its position readjusted to suit personal preference. But if the pedal is adjusted too low, it is possible, when pressing the accelerator down, to have the pedal caught by the ribs of the All-Weather mat at specific angles, thus interfering with the acceleration process and possibly leading to accidents.

The Risk

For now, the issue seems to be affecting only about 1% of the 2019 and 2020 Fiat Chrysler Ram pickup trucks out in public. If you own a Ram 1500 from these years and you chose to have the All-Weather floor mat installed, you may be potentially at risk and may be part of this recall effort.

It’s also important to note that this is not just an at-purchase option. The All-Weather mat is also offered as an aftermarket option for those who would like to add it later. 43000 of these mats were purchased and installed in Ram pickup trucks. If you think your model may be a part of this recall, talk to an organization, such as the National Highway Safety Association to see if you are included in this recall.

Also, remember that a defective product that injures you means you may be entitled to financial compensation. If that happens, talk to an experienced defective product attorney about your personal injury and go over your legal options.

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Your Dodge RAM Pickup May Have Been Recalled

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