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Your Ford Ram May Be Part Of A Recall

If you have recently purchased a truck from the Ford Ram line, there is a chance that the truck may be part of a recall. The Ford Ram 1500 series of trucks has issued a very specific product recall for the 2019 and 2020 lines. This affects vehicles in the United States, Canada, and Mexico as well. However, Ford Ram 1500 owners only have to worry about this issue if they have a specific floor mat installed. Other owners are in the clear.

Accelerator Interference

The issue with recent Ford Ram 1500 series models lies not with the vehicle’s mechanics but a specific problem with floor mats. Some models of the Ford Ram 1500 have an option to choose an “All Season” floor mat installed in the vehicle rather than the standard, default mat.

The All Season floor mat, however, has unexpected interactions with the vehicle. The mat is a more rigid, more durable mat built with rib textures to better catch and trap dirt and liquid. The ribbed texture can interfere with acceleration. Some drivers have reported that because the accelerator pedal is adjustable, there are instances where flooring the accelerator at a certain adjusted angle leaves the pedal vulnerable to being caught in the ribs of the floor mat, potentially creating problems with interfering with the acceleration and deceleration process.

New Trucks & Aftermarket Options

The problematic all-season mats can come to Ford Ram 1500 vehicles in two ways. Owners can either request the option upon purchase of the vehicle, so it is already installed when they take hold, or an after-market option. This means that even after purchasing the vehicle, owners can choose to have the mat added at a later date into their vehicle.

Owners are advised that the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group (FCA) has voluntarily issued the recall. While the acceleration interference issue is believed to affect only 1% of the Ford Rams on the market, owners should take no chances. If possible, remove the mat from the vehicle, or bring the vehicle in to have professionals handle the issue.

Defective Products Can Affect You

Always remember that if a product is defective and that defect causes harm or injury, the manufacturer of the product—not you—is responsible for that injury, provided you were using the product as intended. Products are made with the assumption that if all directions are being followed, the result is something safe for public use. If a defect injures people, that is a legal failure on the company’s part, and they can be held accountable for it.

If you’ve been seriously injured by a product you were responsibly using, don’t take on the burden of recovery alone. Defects resulting from negligent design or manufacturing are the company’s responsibility that made the product. Talk to a lawyer with experience in defective product lawsuits and explain the situation. If you have a case, you can take your argument to court and possibly even join similar victims in a class-action lawsuit.

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Your Ford Ram May Be Part Of A Recall

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