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Below is a small sample of recoveries we have won for accident injury clients across southwest Florida

  • 1.2 MILLION

    Wrongful Death – Automobile accident resulting in death. Settled with one defendant for $800,000 before trial; jury verdict of $1.2 million against other defendant.

    Wrongful Death Lawyer
  • 1.1 MILLION

    Car Accidents – Vehicle Accident

  • 1.8 MILLION

    Wrongful Death – Wrongful death accident with questionable liability.

  • 1.8 MILLION

    Wrongful Death – Traffic intersection wrongful death suit.

  • 300,000

    Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcycle accident. Policy limits settlement for femur, hip and rib

  • 495,000

    Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcycle accident. Fractured leg, ankle and pelvis.

  • 675,000

    Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcycle accident. Fractured pelvis and knee surgery

  • 1.1 MILLION

    Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcycle accident. A motorcycle was cut off by a bus

  • 475,000

    Car Accidents – Automobile accident. Severely fractured leg injury.

  • 500,000

    Wrongful Death – Automobile accident resulting in death. Settled for policy limits.

  • 530,000

    Car Accidents – Automobile accident. Un-operated herniated disc in neck of chiropractor

  • 675,000

    Car Accidents – Automobile Accident. Multiple wrist surgeries.


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Real Attorney Client Reviews – Stephen Fernandez

I just got into an accident and I know I’m hurt. I don’t know what to do at all. Yeah. I did go to Steven Fernandez’s office. What my life would’ve been without his help? We wouldn’t have a house. I would say amazing, honest, and persistent.

Real Client Review – Attorney David Goldman

The car behind me hit me from behind. The first thing I did was call David Goldman. The first thing he said was, “Are you all right?” He has really, really helped me and I greatly appreciate him.

Attorney Review – Bernie Walsh Of Justice Pays

“I hired Bernie Walsh seven years ago when my wife was involved in a traffic crash and I’ve known Bernie Walsh my full law enforcement career as a former sheriff of Sarasota County, and this is an individual who has been in this community a long time, and he provided a lot of assistance to […]