Recent Verdicts And Injury Settlements


Brain injury to child. Largest playground negligence settlement/verdict in Florida.


Child abuse. Settlement before trial of cases involving non-sexual physical abuse to children.


Fall from balcony. Settlement for case involving neck fractures resulting from fall from balcony

$ 750,000

Negligent discharge of firearm. Settlement for accidental discharge of gun where bullet

$ 750,000

Fall on wet floor. Low back and knee surgery.

$ 500,000

Fall from defective ladder. Fractured leg and knee surgery.

$ 400,000

Homeowners Policy. Severe burns resulting from negligence in applying lighter fluid to charcoal

$ 350,000

Construction accident. Tibial and ankle fractures.

$ 300,000

Homeowners Policy. Policy limits paid re: skull fracture resulting from children playing without supervision.

$ 285,000

Fall from collapsing ladder. Fractured leg and ankle.

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