Car Accident Lawyer Sarasota

Car Accident Lawyer Sarasota

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Experienced Car Accident Injury Attorneys

Experienced Car Accident Injury Attorneys

Sarasota’s roads, have become more dangerous with an increase in serious car crashes, and fatal accidents in recent years. In fact, in 2021 alone there were more than 9,280 crashes, 645 DUIs, and 41 people lost their lives on Sarasota County roads i. Not just an increase in danger for drivers, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, pedestrian fatalities have risen Sarasota County as well. In 2021, pedestrians have been hit by vehicles over 160 times and 17 of those people hit by cars died from the collision ii.

In a single instant, a serious car accident can upend your life, causing financial hardship, serious injuries, pain and suffering, lost income, insurance problems and more. On top of all of that, the burden of having to file a claim to try getting fair compensation from your insurance company can be a long and stressful ordeal.

Our law firm is here to help, you do not need to go it alone. We will fight for your interests, beginning with lifting the burden of filing a claim, and dealing with the insurance companies letting you focus on getting better and recovering from your crash.

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Sarasota County Auto Crash Facts Sarasota County Auto Crash Facts:

How many crashes in Sarasota

How many crashes in Sarasota
How many crashes happened in Sarasota?

Below are Sarasota County Crash Statistics Courtesy Of Florida Highway Safety And Motorvehicles

Sarasota Traffic Accident
Deaths 2018 - 2020

Sarasota Traffic Accident Deaths 2018 - 2020

Sarasota Traffic Accident
Injuries 2018 - 2020

Sarasota Traffic Accident Injuries 2018 - 2020
Sarasota’s Most Dangerous Roads

Sarasota’s Most Dangerous Roads
What Are The Most Dangerous Roads & Intersections In Sarasota?

While car accidents can happen at any intersection in Sarasota some intersections are more dangerous than others. Sarasota drivers should be extra careful when you need to cross any of Sarasota County’s top 20 most dangerous intersections.

Rank Signalized Intersection 2020 Crashes
1 Bee Ridge Rd Beneva Rd 67
2 Lockwood Ridge Rd 17th St 33
3 River Rd Winchester Blvd 15
4 Proctor Rd Cattlemen Rd 16
5 US 41 McIntosh Rd 28
6 US 41 McIntosh Rd 28
7 Bee Ridge Rd Tuttle Ave / Swift Rd 38
8 Gulf Gate Dr Gateway Ave 5
9 SR 776 / Indiana Ave Dearborn St 19
10 Fruitville Rd Cattlemen Rd 51
11 Jacaranda Blvd I-75 19
12 41 Shamrock Blvd 32
13 US 41 Bypass Center Ridge 32
14 Clark Rd/Stickney Pt Swift Rd 23
15 Bee Ridge Rd Honore Ave 29
16 US 41 Central Sarasota Pkwy / Livingstone St 22
17 Bee Ridge Rd Cattlemen Rd 36
18 Clark Rd Honore Ave 34
19 Fruitville Rd Honore Ave 36
20 US 41 University Pkwy 26
Sarasota Crash Causes

Sarasota Crash Causes
Common Reasons For Car Accidents In Sarasota County

Some of the most common for auto accidents our attorneys see in the Sarasota area include:

  • Distracted Driving - Increased use of cell phones behind the wheel across Sarasota, near busy intersections like Tamiami Trail and Bahia Vista Street over the years has caused a growing number of accidents by distracted drivers.
  • Speeding - The driving speed is a factor in one out of every three accidents that occur as noted by the National Highway Safety Administration. With all new traffic along major roads like University Parkway and Fruitville Road, crashes from speeding have become more common in Sarasota County.
  • Hazardous Driving Conditions - Drivers need to adjust for conditions which include: rain, ice (from hail), fog, or smoke from forest fires on the roadway. The summer thunderstorms that come every afternoon in Sarasota can reduce visibility to almost nothing and have caused a lot of crashes on Interstate 75 between the Clark Road and University Parkway exits.
  • Impaired Driving - All these factors can cause a driver to become impaired: alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription, and over the counter medications which can cause an accident. Spring breakers flood onto Siesta Key and Lido Key every year, and with them come an increase in impaired drivers, much heavier traffic near the beaches, and an increase in traffic accidents.
  • Fatigued driving - Many fatal accidents are caused by being drowsy making the driver tired and is as dangerous as drunk driving. People in Sarasota are working harder than ever, and that can lead to fatigue. Being tired has been shown to be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. With tired, overworked commuters traveling through heavy traffic on I-75 to south Sarasota suburbs, crashes from fatigue are a real danger.

Never Do After A Crash

What Never To Do After A Crash
What Never To Do After A Crash

Never Admit Fault - Never apologize for the accident to anyone at the scene or admit fault to the other driver, the police, your insurance adjuster or anyone connected to the accident.

Never Post Photos On Social Media After A Crash - It may surprise you, members of both insurance companies legal team may keep an eye on your social media accounts after you have been in a crash. They will be attempting to find photos that show you are not really hurt. They will be searching for any way they can dis-prove or challenge your claims.


Do This After A Crash

Do This After A Crash
What Should I Do After A Crash?

Stay at the scene - never leave the scene of a car crash even a small crash Make the scene safe - turn on hazard lights, and headlights. The roadside, especially at night is not a safe place. Stay out of, and away from traffic lanes and wait inside your vehicle if it is in a safe location.

call the police - even if there are no injuries, it’s possible you will need a police report to file your claim for insurance reasons - even for a property damage claim. If your vehicle is not in traffic it should stay as it was until the police arrive.

Make an accurate statement - it’s important that your record of what happened is accurate to your best ability. If you cannot recall the exact details be sure to tell them - do not guess or miss-state any facts.

Questions of Injury - Even if you do not feel injured when asked if you are say you are not sure. It’s not uncommon to not feel pain after a crash until many hours or even days after the accident took place.

Take Pictures - if you are not injured badly and have a camera or cell phone, take photos of the vehicles. It can be important to have photos of the damage to vehicles. If you or any passengers have been visibly injured have photos take of that as well. The more you can document the better.

Insurance & Contact Information - Be sure to exchange contact information with the other drivers if you are able. You will want to have the name, address and phone number of the other person, as well as their insurance company. If the police have responded to the crash be sure to get the accident report or case number from the officer if possible.

Contact Your Insurance Company - It’s important to contact your insurance company as soon as possible, but be careful not to apologize or admit fault.

Get Medical Help - As unlikely as it sounds, often clients do not become fully aware of the extent of their injuries until hours or even days. Injuries to the spinal cord, and brain can be hard to detect initially, and result in long-term damage. Symptoms of brain injuries can include mood changes, personality changes and cognitive issues. Even seemingly minor accidents can result in these types of injuries.

Call An Attorney - Possibly the single most important call after being in a serious crash will be to contact a lawyer. Being in a crash can be disorienting and put you off balance. Never forget insurance companies are for-profit corporations who do not have your best interests in mind and will work to reduce the amount of compensation you receive after being injured. Only a lawyer working for your behalf should be trusted. Contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your crash.


How Our Law Firm Will Help You How Our Law Firm Will Help You:

What will my lawyer do?

What will my lawyer do?
How Can A Sarasota Car Accident Lawyer Help Me After a Crash?

Some of the most common for auto accidents our attorneys see in the Sarasota area include:

  • We fight to get you the largest amount of money possible for your case at no out of pocket cost to you
  • Our law firm will make sure your medical bills are processed correctly so you do not have to worry.
  • Your lawyer will protect you from an under-valued settlement from the insurance company
  • Our firm will Lift the burden of communicating with the insurance company
  • We help you recover from your crash as fast as possible
How much can I get?

How Much Will Your Car Accident Injury Case Be Worth?
How Much Will Your Sarasota Car Accident Injury Case Be Worth?

While every case is different, and only an experienced personal injury lawyer can calculate the amount you should get, the total amount of recoverable money damages for your Sarasota car accident injuries under Florida law depends on two factors:

1. Liability

This simply means what percentage the other party was at fault in causing your injuries. The more at-fault they were the more they will be responsible for compensation.

2. Damages

This is the amount of money recoverable in a case which includes compensation for lost income or wages, medical bills, pain, suffering, mental anguish, changes in your life style, effect of your injuries on your spouse, as well as, other losses.

How much will it cost?

I Don’t Think I Can Afford To Pay For A Lawyer
I Don’t Think I Can Afford To Pay For A Lawyer

Zero out of pocket cost to you!

It costs you nothing out of pocket to put our team of experienced local Sarasota accident attorneys and staff to work on your case! You will only pay when we win the case, and our fee is taken from settlement winnings so you will never pay out of pocket.

Why Choose Justice Pays?

Why Choose Justice Pays?
Why Choose Us As Your Sarasota Law Firm?

Some of the most common for auto accidents our attorneys see in the Sarasota area include:

  • We are a team-oriented law firm located in Sarasota FLorida, that has won more than $500 million dollars for our clients. Our attorneys work together to help you get full compensation for your accident and recover from your accident stress-free.
  • Every case is handled by a full partner with decades of experience and hundreds successful cases, and satisfied clients.
  • Our success is tied to your success. We only win when you do, so our entire team of lawyers, researches, experts and paralegals are fully committed to bring you the best possible case outcome.
  • We are truly a local firm with deep roots in Sarasota and Bradenton. Our lawyers, employees, and team members all call the Sarasota - Bradenton area home.
Why Happens During A Case?

How We Will Represent Your Auto Accident Case
How We Will Represent Your Sarasota Auto Accident Case

Some of the most common for auto accidents our attorneys see in the Sarasota area include:

Client Support & Documentation

Being hurt, staying in a hospital, being confronted with insurance and medical paper work are all unpleasant and stressful. First and foremost our team will lift the burden of making sure the medical bills related to your accident are all being processed correctly and you are able to focus on recovering. Also during this time our team will begin to gather and document all the information we will need to get the maximum benefit for your case. This will include the insurance info from any related service, police reports, witness statements, medical records etc… Our team will make sure we have all the facts needed to build your case.

Investigate All Aspects Of Your Case

Once we are sure you are in recovery and we have all the documentation needed to begin, the Sarasota attorney for your case and our team will begin to dig deeper. We will investigate all aspects of your case. Our team will locate camera footage, cell phone gps and accelerometer data, maintenance records, recall notices, and many more data points that can help to get you the best outcome.

Develop A Strategy For Your Situation

After our team has thoroughly investigated every aspect of your crash, a senior partner will prepare a strong argument for your case. We may involve many expert witnesses including medical experts, long-term care experts, mechanical engineers, accident re-constructionists and more.

Our entire team from your attorney to our paralegals and everyone in between will be working to build the strongest possible case for you.

Negotiate Or Litigate As Needed For The Best Outcome

Once we are fully prepared with all the facts, documentation, expert witnesses your attorney will begin to negotiate for your maximum compensation. Many times facing an experienced and well prepared personal injury law firm, the insurance company will agree to a fair settlement that

Our Reputation Helps Your Case

Our Reputation With Insurance Company Adversaries:

A law firm’s reputation with the Florida insurance industry can be just as important as with the clients. Over the years our attorneys have had victory after victory in the courtroom and in mediation. Our Sarasota auto accident law firm has earned a reputation as being tough, well-prepared, and professional. Sometimes our reputation alone can be enough to drive the insurance company to the negotiating table.

Not every case will need to go to trial, however our attorneys have a proven record of winning cases in the courtroom time and time again - and the insurance industry knows it.

Our Reviews

Our Reputation With Clients
Our Reputation With Sarasota Clients:

Unlike larger firms in Sarasota Florida, every auto accident injury case is represented by a full partner with decades of experience in car crash law. Our entire team will work to get you the best possible results for your traffic accident case. Everyone from the managing partners, to the office staff is fully committed to helping you recover after your accident. This commitment from our team has earned our law firm positive reviews from past clients. Read Sarasota Auto Accident Lawyer Reviews.

In addition to great reviews on Google and other review platforms, our attorneys have top ratings on major law sites like, and Martindale-Hubble


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