Tourist Accident Lawyer

Tourist Accident Lawyers

Tourist Accident Lawyer

Tourist injuries in Florida are alarmingly common due to the state’s high volume of visitors. Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh, a seasoned law firm in Florida, specializes in representing injured tourists, navigating complex legalities, and addressing the unique challenges that arise when individuals are injured while on vacation.

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Tourist Accident Lawyer

Florida is known for a lot of different things, and high on that list is the fact that we’re a tourist mecca. Whether it’s the beaches, the theme parks, the nightlife, or something else entirely, Florida has many attractions that make it one of the most visited states in the country. And those who visit here enjoy themselves immensely – unless the unthinkable happens.

When a tourist is involved in an accident, it can quickly ruin not only their visit to Florida, but their entire life. Serious injuries can impact you for decades and leave you struggling to heal physically and struggling to recover financially. But you do have options.

Filing A Claim

If you’re hurt while visiting Florida for any reason, you may have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit and seek compensation for your injuries. Under Florida law, you may do this if you can show that your injuries were caused by the reckless or negligent actions of someone else.

Reckless or negligent behavior can mean a lot of different things, of course. This depends on the nature of your accident as well as the specifics of the incident but could include everything from being struck by a drunk driver to being hurt at a theme park while riding a ride.

There are two main types of tourist accidents that occur in Florida: auto accidents and premises liability cases. Auto Accidents 
Still the most common type of accident, auto accidents can be incredibly dangerous and leave those involved struggling to recover.

In auto accident cases, you may have the right to seek compensation if your injuries were caused by:

  • Drunk driving
  • Texting while driving
  • Speeding
  • Operating the vehicle without a license
  • Driving in an unsafe manner
  • And more

These factors apply to any situation – if your Uber or taxi driver was speeding and wrecked, you likely have a case. Or if someone else was operating a vehicle and struck you, you could seek compensation.

Premises Liability Accidents

Premises liability is a bit harder to prove, but no less important to do so if you’re hurt. In a premises liability situation, you’re injured while on someone else’s property. This could be a hotel, gas station, theme park, or even at an Airbnb property. These accidents involve things like slips, trips, falls, electrocution, and more.

But in order to prove that you’re owed compensation in these types of incidents, you must show that the property owner or manager was aware of an accident and chose not to do anything about it. For instance, if there is a loose handrail that causes you to fall you will only be able to seek compensation if you can prove that the owner of the property knew about it or should have known about it and that they did nothing to fix it or to warn guests about it.

An Uphill Battle

Making matters even worse for the injured is the fact that you’ll have to face off against powerful insurance agencies and lawyers for property owners or managers. These entities have many resources and deep pockets, and they will do all that they can to prevent you from getting the money you are owed. Common tactics include:

  • Refusing payment
  • Forcing you to fill out endless paperwork
  • Stalling
  • Avoiding you entirely
  • Offering low settlement amounts far less than you’re really owed

Since you’re hurt, the other side knows that it’s easy to push you around and make sure that they don’t pay out a dime more than they have to. That’s why you need us. With a good personal injury lawyer on your side, you’ll be able to rest easy and know that your case is being handled by the pros.

Plus, our reputation means that as soon as the other side knows we’re working for you, they begin to stop the stalling and bullying and start working towards a resolution. Simply put, we’re here to get you what you deserve.

A Fair Settlement

Your settlement should get you back to where you were before the accident began or where you would have been had it never occurred, financially speaking. This can include compensation for things like:

  • Medical costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages at work
  • And more

We work with pros to make sure you are given a settlement that is actually fair, not something designed to save an insurance company money.

Help From Anywhere

Tourists can’t always be in Florida fighting for their rights. That’s where we come in. We are here and ready to stand up for you and take the fight to the big guys responsible for your injuries. Getting financial compensation is important for getting back on your feet and moving on after an accident, and our team is here to do just that. Contact us today to get your free initial consultation.

We  Can help you with your Florida Tourist Accident  We Can help you with your Florida Tourist Accident

  • Incidents related to vehicular traffic
  • Mishaps at swimming pools, such as injuries from drowning, slips, falls, and diving accidents
  • Injuries sustained at amusement parks
  • Accidents involving buses, including those occurring on airport and hotel/resort shuttles
  • Injuries that occur within parking lots, including falls, vehicle reversing accidents, and pedestrian-related incidents
  • Accidents that occur while boating
  • Injuries sustained on cruise ships and charter boats
  • Injuries resulting from parasailing activities
  • Incidents involving personal watercrafts, such as injuries from Jet Skis andWaverunners
  • Injuries sustained during festivals and concerts
  • Accidents occurring at trade shows and conventions
  • Assaults, both sexual and otherwise violent in nature.