A lot of lawyers are advertising online for your injury case, but just where are these lawyers located?

Hi, I'm David Goldman, and if your accident occurred in Sarasota, Manatee, or Charlotte County, then you should consider hiring our law firm. I've been practicing law in these counties for more than a quarter century, as have most of our firms partners.

What is the benefit in hiring a local lawyer?

Well, first of all, they'll be much more familiar with the local doctors, insurance companies, lawyers and judges, and even the local roads than an out-of-town law firm. Also, a law firm with roots in the community assures you that you're hiring a well established, well respected law firm in that area.

One of the unique benefits of our firm is that if I take your case you'll always be able to speak with me personally. I return my clients emails and phone calls and I'm always available for my clients as I am the attorney who is actually working on your case. That's not always the case with a lot of law firms.

Lately, it has become popular and trendy to eat or shop local, but there's nothing trendy about hiring a well established, well respected local law firm that has roots in the community where your accident occurred.

I'm David Goldman, and if you've been injured and are looking for a good local law firm, give me a call or email me any time.

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