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How Do You Deal With The Insurance Adjuster After A Crash?

All right. If you’re going to deal with an insurance adjuster on your case yourself, what do you need to know?

I’m going to go through the bullet points of what you should remember, so keep them in mind if you’re going to deal with an adjuster. First of all, foremost, they are employed by an insurance company, so their interest is not in helping you maximize your recovery.

Their interest is in saving their employer, the insurance company, money. Never apologize if the accident was not your fault. Don’t start by apologizing. If you have no fault insurance, which you must in Florida, then just give them the information, the adjuster, in other words, the information that’s required by your policy. Write everything down during your conversations with adjusters.

Don’t volunteer to sign anything, and don’t sign anything without consulting with an attorney. Don’t agree to be recorded. All these things could be used against you later on, on presenting your case.

Many times, in my opinion, it takes a while before your car is dealt with and you start treating. If you stay in touch with the adjuster, keep in mind they may not be working in your best interest. That has to always be in the back of your mind. Do not enter settlement agreements with the insurance company until you consult with an attorney.

How Do You Deal With The Insurance Adjuster After A Crash?

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