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What To Expect From Your Injury Lawyer After An Accident

After being Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident Several Things Will Be In Motion Than Can Affect How You Move Forward And Your Financial Future.

In This Video Attorney Bernie Walsh Tells You What To Expect After From Your Attorney and Law Firm After Being In A Crash.

So what should you expect from your attorney once you hire that attorney to represent you? Well, your attorney needs to get busy. He needs to get the action report and he needs to investigate with his investigator the accident.

If there is video surveillance in the area, they need to obtain that video surveillance showing the accident.

Next, obtain the medical records not only in the hospital, but also the followup care by the doctors.

Talk to the doctors, maybe videotape the doctors as their opinions as to what future care is needed for the accident victim.

This has to be done relatively quickly and follow through throughout the entire time that the case is pending.

Then, the attorneys put together a demand package for the insurance companies.

Start negotiations, maybe do a mediation, and if it doesn’t settle, file suit.

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What To Expect From Your Injury Lawyer After An Accident

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