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Injured In An Accident? How to Record Your Injuries.

Being injured in an accident is a trying time. In addition to coping with the pain and disruption to your life, you will be forced to also deal with the financial and legal fallout of the accident.

As many parties may be liable for paying compensation to those who have suffered damages, it is vital to your case to record the full extent of your injuries in a way your legal team can use to support your claim. Below are the steps we recommend to take after being injured in a crash.

After being injured in a crash and receiving medical attention, we recommend the following

– Write down all your pains and complaint areas.

– Inform your doctor, in writing, of all the pains and complaints.

– If pain or symptoms are moving from an area to another; example: shooting pain down arm or leg; write this on your list and inform your doctor in writing.

– High pitch ringing in ears, sleep problems, double vision, memory problems, jaw soreness and headaches are all symptoms that must be mentioned to your doctor in writing.

– Call, mail or e-mail all your complaints of pain and discomfort to your attorney for inclusion in your file.

– Call, mail or e-mail all the diagnostic information and recommendations your doctor is giving you to your attorney for inclusion in your file.

– Keep a diary (written or on the computer) of dates of ALL pain complaints arising from the accident.

Injured In An Accident? How to Record Your Injuries.

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