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What To Watch Out For During An Injury Case

If you are pursuing a personal injury case for financial compensation, be aware that the insurance company (defendant) will have a very experienced legal team on their side looking to put holes in your case.

Because of this we recommend that anyone involved in a case be very careful of how they present themselves and what they talk about both in person and online. In today’s hyper-connected world, everything from social media posts to surveillance cameras can and will be used during a court case to prove or discredit a lawsuit.

Due to the intrusive nature of a personal injury case, we recommend that plaintiffs be aware of how many, even simple interactions can be used by the opposition during a settlement or trial.


1. Surveillance:

Modern cameras are very, very small and insurance companies employ many people to try to take film footage of accident victims doing anything considered inconsistent with their injury complaints.

2. Statements:

To friends and strangers:
Are all subject to being used by insurance companies against your claim.

To Doctors:
All the notes of intake or office notes will be reviewed by the insurance company for complaints or statement inconsistent with an accident victims injuries.

To Social Media:
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram etc., are often accessible by insurance companies and information on social media are used against accident victims by insurance companies.

What To Watch Out For During An Injury Case

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